Arabac are Height Safety Specialists committed to delivering professional training and consultancy through practical solutions enabling Industry to manage their own safety and skills to work at height.

Proactive approach of empowering your personnel, supervisors, managers through education to take control of their own safety in preventing harm to themselves or others.

"If your employees have met today's challenges at work unharmed whilst working at height, then you as an employer have complied to the Health and Safety Act 1992". In delivering competency based training we aim to exceed the act.

DES NZ Limited delivering Training & Consultancy Services

  • Fall Arrest (NZQA Unit 15757)
  • Industrial Rope Access (IRAANZ Approved)
  • Rope Rescue/Retrieval
  • Confined Space Access
  • Working in Confined Spaces
  • Customised Rescue/Retrieval Applications
  • Equipment Suppliers
  • Access Systems - Design & Install
  • Rescue/Retrieval Plans
  • Height Safety - Supervision in Rescue/Retrieval
  • Selection, Maintenance & Use of Height Safety Equipment
  • Height Hazard Assessment
  • Safety Plans
  • Procedure Plans
  • Corporate Team Building

Aerial Abseil Access (NZ) Limited. Trading as Arabac.

The amber and black overalls worn by Arabac's personnel say it all. Arabac (Aerial Abseil Access (NZ) Limited) is proudly parochial and uses every opportunity to promote the resources and technical capabilities available in Taranaki.

Although undertaking contracts nation wide & internationally, the industrial Abseiling Company operates predominantly in the region. "We have been operating in Taranaki for twenty two years and have built up a solid clientele network in that time," says owner David S. McLay. Key clients include: Shell Todd Oil Services, Transfield Worley, Fletchers, Origin Pacific, BW Offshore, OMV, Fonterra, and Vector to name a few.

Accessing The Future Together

Arabac's advanced abseiling techniques are used in situations where other forms of access are impracticable. "Rope access is also an unobtrusive form of access with no negative impact on the environment," adds David. While the majority of their contracts involve industry blasting and painting, NDT inspections and fitter/welding, to name a few. Arabac also offers an array of other trade skills access, and utilises an alliance with other local specialists outside of Arabac's capabilities.

Arabac is a founding member of the Industrial Rope Access Association of New Zealand (IRAANZ) and carries OSH compliance. The award-winning company is also a leader in Height Safety Solutions committed to delivering professional training and consultancy through practical solutions enabling industry to manage their own safety and skills to work at height.

Company Milestone Achievements

Arabac has expanded rapidly since it's foray into the Australasian Market in 1995. Through the company's proactive management and the vision of David S. McLay Founder and sole owner, it is now recognized as the leading supplier of Industrial Rope Access services to the New Zealand Market.

The company over this period has met various milestones and achieved prestigious business awards as highlighted;

  • First Company in October 1995 to Introduce and Provide Industrial Rope Access Services to Shell Todd Oil Offshore Oil and Gas Installations:‑ Maui A, Maui B and Whaakaropai (Offshore Floating Storage Installation)
  • Arabac was the first Industrial Rope Access company to work on the then tallest structure in New Zealand. The 220 Meter Titahi Bay Radio Mast.
  • David S. McLay was one of the founding members of IRAANZ (Industrial Rope Access Association of New Zealand) in 1996. He served as chairman for two years from 1997 ‑1999 and was on the IRAANZ training advisory committee, which is tasked with the on‑going development and implementation of the NZQA qualification for Industrial Rope Access
  • Arabac was part of the Tradenz Delegation in 1997 to go to Australia to market services for the various construction projects envisaged for the Sydney 2000 Olympics
  • Finalist 1999 WestpacTrust Taranaki Business Awards
    Runner Up Employment Creation and Upskilling Award
  • 2000 Launched Access Consultancy Division
  • Finalist Millennium Year (2000)
    WestpacTrust Taranaki Business Awards
    Winner Training & Development Award
  • Finalist 2002 WestpacTrust Taranaki
    Business Awards
    Medium Business Award
  • Award Winner 2005 Westpac Taranaki Chamber of Commerce Business Awards
    Shell Todd Oil Services Health & Safety Award

What Is Rope Access?

Skilled technicians, highly trained in advanced rope work, can make use of the integral structure of an installation for a direct route to problem areas. Advanced abseil techniques can be adopted to a wide variety of situations where access by any other means would be considered impractical, inconvenient or expensive.

Why Is Rope Access Booming?

With the growth of large buildings, sophisticated architecture, industrial plants and offshore installations, industrial rope access has become an established and exceedingly effective means of reaching otherwise impossible places. With specialist rope techniques, ARABAC personnel can go most places in, on or outside a building or structure, quickly and safely without disruption and the need for other types of cumbersome access systems.

Fast Response

Because roped access is so versatile, our response time can be kept to a minimum. Site operations are less time consuming than conventional methods of access ensuring a minimum of risk to both personnel and property.

Quality Service

All works are carried out to your most exacting standards. Our personnel are individually tailored to job specific tasks according to trade or multi-skill requirements. ARABAC are members of IRAANZ (Industrial Rope Access Association of New Zealand) carrying OSH compliance and approval. Recognised Health and Safety Standards and Approved Codes of Practice meeting legislative requirements.

Service Division Services

  • Servicing oil and gas industry on/offshore
  • Non destructive testing (NDT)
  • Industrial blasting and painting
  • Structural surveys
  • Coded fitter/welding (all mediums)
  • Geo-technical works - concrete repair
  • Industrial repair / maintenance
  • Electro-mechanical installation
  • Servicing food and dairy industry
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Window cleaning / installation and repair
  • Film set services
  • Communications installation / servicing
  • Fire systems maintenance
  • ITH bolt tensioning equipment supplier
  • Demolition
  • Video and photography
  • Technical report writing
  • Pest and noxious weed eradication (DOC)
  • Asset management
  • CBIP coatings / corrosion inspection / reporting
  • Tensioned netting systems
  • Denso Tank Boot Applicators

Access Consultancy Division Services

  • Height safety consultancy
  • Fall arrest training
  • Work positioning training
  • Confined space training and management
  • Safe working at height
  • Industrial rope access training (IRAANZ)
  • Recovery / rescue training
  • Tailored design access solutions
  • Work place accessors
  • Height safety equipment supplier
  • High angle rescue
  • Height safety / confined space supervision
  • Design / consultation / implementation of access systems

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    Arabac is one of the largest specialist access companies in New Zealand with an extensive nationwide and international client base. Arabac provide a service built on 27 years experience, coupled with an impeccable safety record, quality, cost effectiveness & innovation. These things allow us to offer a wide range of services, including non-destructive testing and frontline inspection technology for all types of structures.

    Arabac maintains a broad base of specialist trade skills and we can confidently offer the services required to complete all aspects of each project from an in-house single service.

    The nature and associated costs of working in high, difficult to access locations requires that the majority of projects are completed using as few contractors as possible.

    By utilising Arabac's extensive range of engineering skills and access techniques, the number of contractors can be effectively reduced to a minimum, eliminating the need for third party access by offering a multi-discipline service & skill base.
    Contact Arabac using the form below or;
    Phone: 0800 Y ABSEIL or 06-759 4959 
    David McLay: 0274 403 833
    125 Molesworth Street, New Plymouth
    Postal address: PO Box 4137, New Plymouth.

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      Arabac delivers specialised industrial rope access/abseiling asset based maintenence and inspection solutions, predominantly to the oil & gas industry onshore and offshore. Also associated energy sectors, dairy, and construction industries.

      Full and active member of the Industrial Rope Access Association of NZ (IRAANZ)
      As well as providing access NDT inspection, Arabac also provides chemical cleaning, blast & paint, electrical and construction services using skilled tradesmen and full project management, onshore and offshore.